Coaches want to help people. But they don’t know how: They can’t get enough clients. They call me for help.

I’m never surprised. It often seems to take more energy to get clients, than to serve them.
And with only a few clients, you can't get the desperately needed experience to reliably have life-changing impact on your clients. A viscious cycle.

My response is “book a free discovery call with me." ;)


Dr. Alexander Monas
Alte Benninghofer Str. 1A

44263 Dortmund

Don't worry about money. We will find a way for you to learn at any budget.

If you want to support my work, this is easy. Give only what is given freely.:

Thank you. You enable my free intensive work with everyone at variable or no pay at all, if needed. - from the bottom of my Heart.

Above all: Thank You for being.
Anything else is meaningless.

- Alex