find your spark, come alive, drop into flow.

Sometimes you might feel like 'Neo' in 'The Matrix'. You have a good job, friends and family. Society has made you believe that it is what you need to be happy. Now you have it.


Most of the smart, talented and ambitious people I meet miss something. There is something integral, deep within themselves, which they want to live out, but don’t.

Maybe you are an artist at heart but your dad told you to go to college and get an engineering degree, so you can earn money. Even if you didn’t always know what exactly, you always knew deep down that you are meant to do something important. Something else than what you are doing.


what you are doing now pays the bills, and everyone likes you and your job. You don’t want to risk that. Upset your mom who payed for college. It paralyzes you. You are a high-achiever, create your own reality and seem to live rather effortlessly. But your huge dream seems like ‘too much’ to take on. It paralyzes you.

You are okay with failing. In fact, to get good at what you do you had to fail here and there. It was fine. But failing where it really matters? Failing on your big dream? That would be catastrophic. It paralyzes you. You maybe even took a few steps in this direction, but even to yourself these must look like half-ass attempts and not the majestic masterpiece you have in mind.

You might have never met someone like yourself.

Someone that intense, weird and/or genius. You might feel lonely and disconnected. Deep down you know you should be doing so much more with your life. And at the same time there’s the fear. I know how all that feels. Trust me. I’ve been there.

I don’t write this to entertain you, but because I believe that you feel this way for a reason. I’m here to guide you through your inner processes and to keep you on track with your purpose and your vision. I’m here to help you dream big, ‘awesomize’ your life and realize your full potential – so you can fully share your genius with us. Because we desperately need it.

Want to take the blue pill?

  • go back to your old life and stay the way you are
  • play inside your comfort zone
  • it's all good, it's all safe

Want to take the red pill?

  • step into your true power
  • awaken the beast within
  • serve at your full potential

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Our journey will be fun and ecstatic as well as uncomfortable and challenging. And I will be there. I will persistently point you in the direction you chose. One step at a time, you will greatly expand your comfort zone. You are finally to become one of these magnetic personalities who are so intense and mission driven that you see it in their eyes. This power is within you.

Now, let’s give it traction and direction.

Working with me is highly individual. I have no coaching-approach or a step-by-step formula from my coaching certification. I will not bring worksheets. I will not hold you accountable. I will not kick your butt or pressure you into action. If you’re not committed enough to actually act on it and you want to just keep talking and wishing about your dream, do so. You don’t need me.

Coaching with me is highly intense and transformational. I get your permission to be bold and in your face, provocative and radically honest. I hold nothing back. Not every session needs to be so intense as to make both of us cry, but if we want to go deep we have to agree on fully expressing our innermost truths, desires and thoughts. I challenge you and I believe in you. Especially when you stop to believe in yourself, I believe in you.

It is a huge commitment to say 'HELL YES!' to yourself and go for it. And for me, it is an equally huge commitment to go side-by-side with you on your journey. This is why I need to be sure that we’re a perfect fit, and that you’re ready.

I don’t work with people who like to feel average and prefer to stay small.

This is why I will never rush working together. If you want to explore coaching with me, meet me for a deep, powerful and transformational conversation. I will not hold anything back, and there is no catch. Maybe after that one session you are happy and don’t need any coaching. That’s fine with me. Show up fully and we’ll explore your dreams. I can’t wait to get enthusiastic.

If we fully click and you feel the surge of the upwards spiral towards the realization of your dreams, we will be working together for 6–12 months. Our coaching relationship is one-on-one over the phone or Skype and emerges out of our full commitment towards the realization of your purpose in life.

And remember: The movie is about Neo – not Morpheous

I can only show you the door.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.”
— Sydney Banks

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