Hi, I'm Alex

and I love to help people 
who don't need help.


  • high achiever in life – with that instinct that you’re still not living up to your full potential?
  • an adventurous person who likes the thrill, takes on new challenges for fun and masters them?
  • sometimes feeling like an outsider, even though you are in the middle of your community?
  • hypersensitive or overexcitable or diagnosed with ADHD and sometimes perceived as 'too much', 'too intense' or being 'all over the place'?
  • the type of person, who doesn’t need a coach?

Then I think we should talk.

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Alex turned my life around!

My whole life, I was dealing with self-doubts and couldn't believe people, who told me "But you have so much potential!". - I could never feel it in my heart. It felt like a cheap lie to me.

But when Alex ‘saw me’ and with his full conviction exactly explained where and how exactly he sees me and my untapped potential, I started to feel it for the very first time. I could instantly recognize myself in a completely new light and started to believe in myself. - and never stopped since.

Now, I have a completely different feeling going through life. Everytime we speak I leave with a sense of direction and determination - and I get things done.

I recommend his powerful  transformational coaching to everyone, who is ready to take charge of his life and take his life to the next level. I can't wait for our next session.

Samuel Wohl

- Co-Founder and CEO of "ViewDaddy" and "Athletic eSports"


In the first quarter of 2018, I regularly worked with Alexander and visited him for a 1:1 weekend intensive. At the beginning of the year, I was not in the best position - physically as well as mentally. There were multiple difficulties and challenges in my life.

With Alexander’s support the plan was to recover from that and change my behavior and my life.

Now, four months since our first session I answer the question “How are you?” honestly and without exaggeration with “I feel splendid. I lead a happy and fulfilled life.”

The best thing about it: He didn’t do this. He just helped me get in state and gave me insights which made me do all of this myself. So now, I have a wonderful life, and I also have all the skills and resources at hand which are necessary in order to tackle my future challenges and to always be able to return to my current fulfilled state.

Michael Prinzinger - Founder and CEO of 'Port Zero' in Berlin


I strongly believe everybody should have a coach like Alex in his life.

Working with him is worth much more than the significant upfront investment. It’s priceless by definition.

Meeting Alex was one of the most influential encounters in my life. The trajectory of my life changed dramatically. Long after having stopped working with him I continue to enjoy all the benefits from our work together. I went from being at the effect of my circumstances to becoming the cause in my life.

Now, I am living a happy and joyful life with inner peace. I find flow when playing the violin with ease.

Words can’t do it justice. I am infinitely grateful and fully recommend working with him to everyone who is interested in personal freedom.

Viviane Schoen - Master Violinist


Alex is a wonderful coach and consultant. Everytime we work together, I gain insight and clarity into what seemed like old problems and as a result I am enabled to resolve knots in my head, that I had carried with me for years. This applies to private life as well as my business. He has a strengthening and motivating aura. During our sessions I am feeling challenged and protected at the same time. He is a man who only needs a few moments to make a lasting difference to a life. Thank you, Alex.

Max Kayr - Consultant


When Alex is coaching, magic unfolds. In our very first session I felt like he did the impossible. With his support I broke my mental barriers: The doubts I had about my true calling. I understood what my “superpower” really is.

His unique way of seeing the world makes me feel like coming home. Home to my true self. Home to my core being. After your session with Alex, your life will change. One week later, you will be surprised that you are actually doing things, of which you thought, you would be doing in two years. It’s like a genuine shortcut to your full potential.

Alina Oshita Karger - Coach and Trainer for Women


I started working with Alex in order to jump-start my own personal-coaching business because of his unique personality: He is radically honest, yet never judging. And with his analytical mind and sense of humor he always manages to uncover my self-sabotaging patterns - and instantly dissolve them in laughter.

He doesn’t over-analyze, and instead immediately translates concepts into action-steps. If you are up for massive action, I recommend working with him 100%.

Dr. Roland Seibt - Coach, Movement Genius, Financial Analyst


When I first met Alex, I was attracted by his immense quickness, over-excitability and his unconventional approach to things. At first I hesitated working with him because of his intensity, but with his 'around the corner'-thinking, 'seeing my potential' and especially his unique way of opening up my options, it was easy to know, even beforehand, that working with Alex will continue to enrich my life and my personal development. Since we started working together, I have a significant increase in sales and my relationship improved. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex' coaching to anyone committed to start moving forward with their life!

Sven Phillip - CEO and Co-Founder, "Männlichkeit-Stärken"


I got coached by Alex around various topics: From handling intimate relationships, making important business decisions all the way to overcoming heavy trauma. I am constantly impressed by his openness, empathy, humor and his talent to ask the right questions.

Since we started working together I've developed my own business and fulfilled my dream of making 'music' not only as a passion, but as my well paid profession. Alex knows how to build businesses from the ground up.

I can strongly recommend you to work with Alex. He will make you reach your goals and make you feel light and free in the process.

Georg Stuby - Philantropist, Coach,
Music Producer


Alex Monas ist echt okay.                                                                      

Olga - Alex's wife

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